Owing to crushing inflation, about 75% of Pakistanis are losing their savings.

Pakistanis’ capacity to save has been significantly hampered by the high cost of living; 73 percent of respondents lamented a decline in savings amidst growing inflation, and 51% anticipate a decline in household savings over the next six months.

The most recent Consumer Confidence Index survey report published by Gallup Pakistan and Dun & Bradstreet made this clear. 2,000 people from all throughout the nation responded to the survey.

Most respondents expressed anxiety about their funds decreasing as a result of inflation. Over 73 percent of Pakistanis voiced concerns about declining savings. Household savings sentiment saw a significant decline (31% quarter-to-quarter), thus it is still incredibly negative in the present.

In the meanwhile, 43 percent of respondents anticipate that household savings would rise or stay the same during the following six months.

In the most recent study, the number of those who said they had increased their savings dropped from 12 to 5 percent.

In the most recent survey, a substantial portion of participants did not predict a rise in savings, with 51% of Pakistanis dissatisfied with greater saving prospects.

The proportion of respondents who were enthusiastic about expanding their savings decreased by 7%, according to the survey. Only 17 percent of people expect their funds to grow.




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