Over the past four years, PTA has resolved 96% of customer complaints.

In the past four years, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has received 32,184 complaints about service quality, coverage, and availability. Out of these, PTA has resolved 96 percent of the issues.

A document made available to ProPakistani states that the authority got 4,862 complaints about the non-provision of data in a particular location and 22,464 complaints about coverage problems with data services (3G/4G/LTE).

3,858 of these complaints, which came through its complaint management system, were about the service quality (bad network/noise/call drop).

Over the past 4 years, the authority has handled 31,085 of these complaints, leaving just 1,099 unresolved. Concerning coverage problems with regard to Data Services, 22,399 out of 22,464 complaints were handled, and 65 complaints are still ongoing.

The authority has resolved 3,841 out of 3,858 complaints about service quality issues and 4,845 out of 4,862 complaints about the non-provision of services in a particular location.

36 show-cause notifications have been sent to delinquent Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) instructing them to enhance their services to levels that meet licence requirements based on survey results.

CMOs were penalised Rs. 68.9 million for providing subpar services. CMOs have so far paid 6.4 million and 2.15 million rupees in bank guarantees towards the total fine of 68.9 million rupees.

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