Over 21 Unverified Quran Applications and Websites are Blocked by PTA

Details indicate that the PTA has prohibited about 13 unreliable Quran websites and 8 Quran mobile applications.

Around 21 dubious Quran applications and websites have reportedly been blacklisted by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This number includes roughly 8 Quran mobile apps and 13 dubious Quran websites, all of which have been reported or found to include fake content.

While PTA itself conducted research on other websites, people frequently complained about these fake Quran apps and websites. This is so that PTA can comply with a 2016 Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act section 37 directive to report any sacrilegious online content.

In accordance with the Prevention of Internet Crimes Act of 2016, PTA investigates any sacrilegious content on its own and accepts complaints from the general public.

PTA has now provided about 43 organisations with a dedicated E-Portal so they can report the existence of any sacrilegious content in an effort to gather complaints. The general public can easily make a complaint by going to the PM portal or even the PTA’s Complaint Management system when they want to report any sacrilegious content.

In addition, PTA contacted the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony (MoRA&IH) and informed them of the predicament. MoRA&IH has now established a Web Assessment Cell that is actively looking for problematic or sacrilegious content in response to PTA’s request.

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