Over 12 million videos on TikTok are taken down from Pakistan.

The 12 million videos were removed over a three-month period, according to TikTok, for breaking the platform’s community rules.
In just three months, the short-form video hosting service TikTok is said to have taken down more than 12 million recordings from Pakistan. These videos were taken down, according to a statement made public by TikTok, because they broke the community rules.

In a recent study titled the Community Guidelines Enforcement study, TikTok provided these statistics. In the report, TikTok also included information about the quantity and type of objectionable content on its platform, as well as the number of accounts that had been deleted.

According to the research, the US, where about 13 million videos were taken down in the same time frame, had the most films taken down by TikTok, with Pakistan coming in second.

The 12 figure was a substantial improvement from the previous quarter, when TikTok took down about 14 million videos, placing Pakistan in second place.

A total of 85,680,819 users were removed from the platform during this quarter, according to data made public by TikTok. Despite appearing to be a sizable percentage, this only made up 0.6% of all videos published to the platform.

5,477,549 videos were restored, while a total of 46,836,047 videos were deleted by automation, according to TikTok.

“The platform removed accounts determined to be spam, along with spam videos posted by those accounts, in addition to removing accounts for violating community guidelines,” TikTok continued.

According to TikTok, who provided more information about video removals from Pakistan, “Pakistan saw the removal of 12,628,267 videos for violating community guidelines in Q4 2022.”

“In Q4, 95.5% of offensive films in Pakistan were taken down within a day and 89.7% were taken down before anyone could watch them. The report also stated that in Q4 2022, the proactive eradication rate was 98.8%.

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