No Longer Is It Possible To Search Twitter Without Signing Up

Additionally, links for search results will not be accessible to users without logging into the platform.
Twitter, a microblogging social media site, has stopped enabling users to access its search feature without first checking in. Even if links to search results are sent to you, you must first log onto the site in order to access them.

Prior to this change, anyone accessing the platform through the web could search it, browse tweets, and even receive some suggested tweets. Now, anyone visiting the site will only be able to access the search feature after signing up for it.

The platform is taking this action to prevent users from utilising the free API, which might have lost Twitter many new users given that most people browse and explore the network without signing up.

Since Twitter has given its users free access to its API over the years, it must have lost a significant number of potential new users who might have downloaded the app otherwise, making this a wise decision.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has also indicated that the company will bring back Twitter Fleet in addition to restricting its search function for unregistered users.

When Fleet was introduced in 2020, it was a Twitter feature that made it easier for users to express their ideas and participate in conversations by allowing them to compose texts, exchange tweets, and upload videos and photographs that only lasted for around 24 hours.

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