Next Week, ChatGPT-4 With Mind-Blowing Features Will Debut.

Andreas Braun, Director of Technology at Microsoft Germany, has revealed that OpenAI will formally launch ChatGPT-4, which will be 537 times more powerful than GPT-3.

The project’s principal investor, Microsoft, has announced that the new version will be made accessible to the general public the following week. It did not, however, specify the precise day. The forthcoming version will also interpret both the text and the graphics because it is multimodal.

GPT-4 will also produce videos in addition to everything else. Microsoft likens ChatGPT’s influence on daily life to the impact the first iPhone had when it was introduced a decade ago.

It’s crucial to contrast the two versions in order to comprehend the potential of the impending GPT-4. GPT-4 will operate on 100 trillion parameters, a significant improvement over GPT-3’s 175 billion parameters.

The graph is shown below to give you an idea:

Microsoft has emphasised that the ChatGPT will assist people in carrying out monotonous chores in new ways rather than raising the rate of unemployment worldwide.

Microsoft has recommended businesses to use artificial intelligence to teach their workforces (AI). According to Marianne Janik, director of Microsoft Germany, traditional employment requirements are changing as new professions arise.

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