Next month, Apple will open a flagship location in Mumbai.

Another Apple flagship store will shortly open in Delhi after this one in Mumbai.
Apple has finally confirmed the establishment of its first flagship shop in Mumbai after months of rumours about the company building outlets in India. According to reports, the main retail location will open next month, and a second, analogous Apple location will shortly be opened in Delhi.

This new Apple shop in Mumbai, which will be located in the Jio World Drive mall, is estimated to be about 22,000 square feet large, making it comparable in size to the largest Apple stores found in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, and Singapore.

An Apple shop in Mumbai will grow to be another one of Apple’s recognisable retail monuments due to its enormous size and activities.

According to reports, the new Apple shop in Delhi would be between 10,000 and 12,000 square feet, making it considerably smaller than the one in Mumbai.

Both the Mumbai and Delhi locations are ready in terms of preparations and cutouts, but the Mumbai store will open first as it is the biggest and most significant store for the tech giant in India. One report claims that the Delhi store’s fitout was finished before the Mumbai store.

Although the launch of the Apple shop has been announced, no official opening date has been provided by Apple.

Along with ambitions to construct more Apple stores, India is beginning to host Apple’s airpod production facilities. Foxconn, Apple’s top supplier, has revealed that it will spend close to $200 million to erect an AirPod manufacturing facility in Telangana, India.

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