Netflix Will Soon Start Charging You for Sharing Passwords

A crackdown on password sharing has been implemented by Netflix as it tries to maintain its revenue. It is currently testing a new strategy to enforce it in Latin America and moving toward more harsh measures.

Despite the initial outcry, the streaming juggernaut believes that a password-sharing fee will help the business sustain its revenue in the long run. According to a recent article, it may start happening soon outside of Latin America as well.

Netflix intends to put the shift into effect by the end of March of this year, according to the business’ most recent financial report. Password-sharing users will now have to pay more for their accounts as a result of this change. But don’t panic, those who only share passwords with family and friends are safe.

Netflix will allow users “the option to pay extra if they wish to share Netflix with people they don’t live with,” according to the earnings report, but no pricing information is provided. When the new modification is formally announced, those specifics will probably be revealed.

In some nations, Netflix has various restrictions on password sharing. Password sharing is neither prevented or prohibited, however individuals with shared accounts must first get validated. People who share an account are given access by means of a verification code that is supplied to the account holder.

However, until you pay for the account, Netflix keeps displaying prompts, even if the owner validates shared users.

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