Netflix is Putting a Lot of Effort Into a Cloud Gaming Service.

With a cloud gaming service that Netflix is now creating, its expanding game library may be played more conveniently and on a variety of devices. Leanne Loombe, Netflix’s VP of external gaming, stated during a press event that work on the project is “underway.”

This comes after Netflix’s vice president of games, Mike Verdu, declared in October that the firm was “seriously researching” a cloud gaming service. Loombe said the following in the briefing:

We have just begun that portion of our adventure. We firmly believe that cloud gaming will enable us to offer seamless accessibility into gaming experiences as well as simple access to games on any screen.

Loombe underlined that Netflix is developing the service cautiously, perhaps to prevent a disaster on the order of Google Stadia.

Several mobile games are currently available through the Netflix app, but in order to play them, users must download them from the App Store or Google Play. This is less convenient than simply tapping to begin a show within the app.

More individuals might attempt Netflix’s games if they can play them within the app, as opposed to the small number of people who have done so so far.

But, according to Loombe, it will be unknown for some time exactly how Netflix’s mobile games work as of right now. Given that Netflix’s cloud gaming efforts appear to be in their early stages, this is not surprising. Before being able to provide a complete cloud gaming service, Apple will likely need to relax its tough limits on cloud gaming apps.

Yet, it seems that the corporation is still committed to using cloud gaming to increase the accessibility of their titles for smartphones and other platforms.

Loombe continued:

As you might expect, we do want your Netflix games to work on all of your devices. We are still figuring out and making plans for how the streaming and the mobile app stores will integrate.

Coming Soon: 40 New Games

With the most recent additions of Valiant Hearts: Going Home and the eerie dystopian game Highwater, Netflix now has 55 games in its collection. However, in 2023, it plans to add up to 40 additional games.

Some of these planned games have been made public by the developer, including Paper Trail, a puzzle game that involves folding the planet, and Terra Nil, a reverse city-building game that will debut on March 28th.

Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, the second of three unique games made in collaboration with Ubisoft, is scheduled for release on April 18. This roguelite features a revised gameplay mechanic, a more complex plot, and takes place in the same universe as The Mighty Search for Epic Treasure.

Additionally, as 2023 progresses, there will be a lot more.

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