NEPRA Holds Hearing on KE Customers’ Uniform Quarterly Adjustments

On the Federal government’s proposal to give K-Electric customers quarterly adjustments, NEPRA held a public hearing.

The second quarter of FY22 and the first quarter of FY23, respectively, are covered by these quarterly adjustments of Rs. 1.5547 and Rs. 1.48-4.45.

NEPRA will decide how these changes will be applied to KE consumers, along with how long it will take for them to become recoverable. The government will then issue a notification.

NEPRA examined this request and will make a final determination regarding the sum that will be distributed to customers in accordance with its procedure. The governing policies and laws that decide the costs recovered from customers in their monthly bills are enacted by NEPRA and the Government of Pakistan. Distribution Companies cannot unilaterally alter the process or exert control over it.

In the first proposal, the federal government asks NEPRA’s permission to charge all customer categories (aside from Lifeline consumers) Rs. 1.55 rupees per unit for units used in July, August, and September 2022. Bills for April, May, and June 2023 will be used to recoup the sums.

The government is asking for permission in the second proposal to apply fees to units used in February and March 2023 that will be recovered in April and May 2023 in the following ways: Residential customers using up to 300 units pay Rs. 1.48 per unit; residential customers using more than 300 units pay Rs. 3.21 per unit; and all other groups, with the exception of some Agricultural consumers, pay Rs. 4.45 per unit.


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