Nationwide Freelance Training Program Trains Around 8,500 Students

To assist Pakistani residents, the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications launched the National Freelance Training Program throughout the nation.

Over 20 centres were established as part of the National Freelance Training Program. The centres are specifically designed to make it easier for students to take IT courses and to prepare them for careers in the field.
8,647 alumni have completed IT courses that are International Standard Certified up to this point. The institute’s mission is to develop people into strong national pillars.
An official from the Ministry of IT claims that after completing these training programmes, students will be able to support the nation’s economy by earning $23 million through freelancing.

Furthermore, he added, “during the year 2022, around 1,638 new IT companies registered with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), while 761 contact centres and 1,463 freelancers were also registered with the PSEB.”

He also mentioned that the ministry was setting up specialised incubation centres in the fields of agriculture and textiles, as well as aerospace technology, gaming, and animation, in order to foster the growth of these industries and increase exports.

He also asserted that Ignite would launch an accelerator programme to help young entrepreneurs maintain their operations.

Foreign partners including plug&play, orbit, DMZ, 500 Global, and hub 71 are working with Ignite to promote the local startup environment to investors abroad.
In the Digi Skills programme of Ignite, around 33 million people registered for freelance courses, which is 75% more than the aim.

The insiders claim that by June 2022, the Digi skills freelancers will have earned a respectable $290 million, boosting the nation’s foreign exchange reserves.

While working as a freelancer is a fantastic way to be your own boss, you may do it whenever and wherever you like. You can use freelance classes to make money off of your knowledge and skills.

NFTP recently announced enrollment in independent studies 2023 is the deadline for the cohort to empower young people and open up possibilities across Pakistan.
More resources are required by both the public and private sectors, and sound professionals have trouble finding rewarding employment. Hence, it’s a great chance for unemployed persons looking for acceptable solutions.

The ideal option to engage in learning new, cutting-edge talents to make money is through the institute’s programmes.

It is free; all you need is an internet connection, and you should use that time to build your future.

The NFTP lists numerous freelance training programmes in three fundamental categories.

It provides technical training, advertising and content marketing, and artistic design.

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