National Sex Offender Registry to be Established in Pakistan

NADRA Chairman, Tariq Malik, announced the formation of a ‘National Sex Offenders Registry’ to track child molesters during a panel discussion at the Health Services Academy (HSA) in Islamabad.

The “Bakhabar Noujawan” consultation meeting was organized by the National Committee for Maternal and Neonatal Health (MCMNH) in collaboration with the Minister of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination (NHS, R&C), AMAN, and HSA.

This will allow individuals and organizations to determine whether a potential employee has a history of sexual misconduct.

Furthermore, Malik advocated for requiring a reproductive health course for couples before marriage, as it can help with family planning, improve child health, and prevent underage marriages.

Malik stated that he is willing to add Thalassemia to the NADRA database if the government enacts legislation to aid in the prevention of Thalassaemia in the country.

He also expressed concern about Pakistan’s growing population, noting that the country has 18,984 children born every day. However, many parents fail to register their children with NADRA or their respective Union Councils, making it impossible for the state to provide services to its citizens.

Malik highlighted the troubling fact that one in every six females in Pakistan is married while still a child. He advocated for the country to declare an education and population growth crisis, arguing that economic progress is impossible without both.

He also recommended registering several marginalised groups, citing the importance of minorities in winning elections at the local level.

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