Naseem Shah Discusses the ‘Wedding Picture’ That Went Viral in “Blessed With the Best”

Star Pakistani pacer Naseem Shah has refuted marriage rumours that have been making the rounds on social media and urged his followers to stop misinterpreting his most recent picture. After returning to the nation from a three-match T20I series against Afghanistan in the United Arab Emirates, the 20-year-old pacer paid a call to his hometown.

The right-arm pacer uploaded a photo to social media with the caption, “Blessed with the best Alhamdulillah,” showing him seated with his father and other family members.

However, one of his admirers misinterpreted the fast bowler’s picture after posting it along with a meme and announcing his engagement. One day later, Naseem Shah debunked the rumours in a new social media post, writing, “The last picture I posted was not about getting engaged or nikkah.

” “Mentioning the word “fortunate” does not imply that it is all about finding love or anything else. It was just a straightforward photograph of my family taking Iftar, Naseem Shah remarked.

In response to a query about his impending nuptials earlier this year, the star pacer said, “Ask my father about my marriage,” in a television interview.

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