NADRA Launches App Allowing CNIC Applications and More

Pakistanis can now access their ID services from their mobile devices thanks to the beta release of the National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) new Pak ID Mobile App.

According to a NADRA announcement, users can now complete applications for identity cards and documents through the app. Additionally, with ID documents sent right to their door, customers may complete the entire application process from the comfort of their homes.

Residents can apply for identification documents such as Computerized National Identification Cards (CNICs) and family registration certificates through the Pak ID mobile app without having to visit NADRA offices and wait in line.

Many features that enable citizens to apply for identity papers are included in the most recent version of the Pak ID Mobile App, including CNIC modification, renewal, reprint/loss, new National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP), NICOP modification, renewal, and reprint/loss.

With their email address, mobile phone number, and biometric verification, users can register for an account. After that, users can log in using biometrics like face or fingerprint recognition. In the app’s inbox, users can also see a list of all the applications they have submitted.

Interactive data collection, ICAO-based picture capture using the mobile camera, fingerprint capture using the mobile camera, and digital signature capture using the mobile touchscreen are all features of the app.Also, citizens can upload files or submit documents using their smartphone’s camera. Moreover, the platform allows online payments and OTP-based attester verification.

By offering a complete solution for applying for identification documents, NADRA’s Pak ID mobile app assures Pakistani nationals of maximum convenience. By eliminating the need to visit NADRA offices, the programme also eliminates long lineups and waiting times. Thanks to the app’s user-friendly features and safe verification procedures, citizens may now apply for identification documents from the comfort of their homes.

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