Motorcyclist is hospitalised due to a stray kite string.

A wayward kite string on Thursday caused injury to a 30-year-old male bike rider on Canal Road in Lahore.

The victim was riding his bicycle home when the incident took place. He was hit on the neck by a kite string when he got close to Chubacha Phatak.

While the string itself did not harm the victim’s bike, he lost control and fell off, suffering injuries. He was moved to the Ganga Ram Hospital for immediate treatment.

The caretaker CM Punjab expressed unhappiness over the frequent mishaps caused by kite flying while requesting an explanation from CCPO Lahore.


He added that such occurrences are terrible and he commanded severe action against individuals whose irresponsibility resulted in the unfortunate situation.

In Punjab, he ordered that a rule on kite flying be strictly enforced, and he said that anyone caught breaking the law would face heavy penalties. The incident has been noted by the CCPO of Lahore, Bilal Siddique Kamyana.



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