Mother in Dubai is given a life sentence for brutally killing her young daughter.

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a 38-year-old mother from Eastern Europe to life in prison for killing her 10-year-old daughter by torturing her.

The mother contacted an ambulance, saying her daughter had drowned in the bathtub, and the incident took place in Dubai’s The Villa neighbourhood. But after further inspection, the authorities found that the youngster had burns and bruises all over her body.

The victim’s mother, a second two-year-old child, and a servant who was not present at the time of the investigation were all questioned by the police.

The mother claimed that the servant drowned her daughter and then fled the nation. The servant had left on the same day as the incident, the police later learned.

With the aid of Interpol, the authorities were able to apprehend the employee at the airport in his native nation. When questioned, he denied being a part of the crime.

The worker disclosed that he had recently moved to Dubai and had been working as the family’s housekeeper. He helped drive the kids to and from school as well. He claimed that the mother regularly beat and mentally tormented her daughter.

The maid observed the mother locking her daughter in her room the day before the crime. When he tried to wake her up the next morning for school, he discovered she was gone from the bedroom.

He discovered the girl in the bathtub after hearing the sound of water pouring from the lavatory. The moment he told the mother about the girl’s health, she responded calmly, shocking him. He fled for his native country out of concern that he would be implicated in the crime.

The mother admitted to violently beating and drowning her daughter in the bathtub following the servant’s testimony.





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