More Karachi Lines Will Now Have Electric Bus Service

According to sources, the Sindh government planned to expand the Peoples’ Electric Bus Service’s routes on Friday. Provincial Minister Sharjeel Memon presided over the meeting on transportation projects, and it approved expanding the People’s Electric Service to more city routes.

The procurement of more electric buses by the Sindh Ministry of Transport was also disclosed by Minister Memon. Initiatives like the People’s Bus Service, the BRT Red Line, Orange Line, and Yellow Line, according to him, have been examined.
The minister claimed that Bilawal Bhutto gave him the order to prioritise finishing development projects. He also added that the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) got a solid mandate from the people of Karachi in the local body elections and the party’s major mission was to meet their expectations.

The minister also announced that the yellow line project will start soon and that there would be no leeway for delays in the Jam Sadiq bridge tender, which was due on May 2.

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