The lengthy queue for Microsoft has now been cleared, and the Bing GPT-4 is now accessible to all users.
Microsoft has stated that starting today, the Bing GPT-4 function will be available to all users. There used to be a lengthy waiting for those who wanted to access the GPT-4-powered Bing chat, but that waitlist has been removed.

When the Bing GPT-4 Chat was opened in February, only a small number of people were able to use it, and everyone else who tried to use it was placed on a waitlist.

The GPT-4 is the newest AI model from Open AI, and it powers Bing’s GPT-4 Chat chatbot service. Compared to the previous chatbot, the GPT-4 chat is more sophisticated and accurate, and it will soon gain a variety of additional AI functions.

The Verge claims that these AI features include showing users results for images and videos, new Edge and Bing action features, persistent chat, and plug-in compatibility.

Because a plug-in support will enable developers to expand the functionality and use cases of Bing chat, Microsoft has established a crucial basis for both developers and the future of Bing Chat.

To enable a plug-in that completes restaurant reservations within Bing Chat, Microsoft is actively collaborating with OpenTable.

According to reports, Microsoft will discuss its plug-in support in greater detail at the ‘Build Conference’ scheduled for later this month.

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