Microsoft Edge Will Improve Internet Videos of Poor Quality

Video Super Resolution (VSR), a technology introduced at CES 2023, will be available to a limited number of Microsoft Edge Canary users, according to Neowin.

By upscaling the resolution and removing block compression artefacts, VSR employs Microsoft Research’s AI technology to improve video quality inside the browser. From today, this feature can be tested on various streaming services by 50% of Microsoft Edge Canary users.

According to Microsoft’s own statistics, “one out of three videos in Edge is played at 480p or lower,” so this functionality can be very useful. Those who must continue with low-quality streaming due to restricted network capacity will notably benefit from it.
Nevertheless, before you may use this functionality, a few requirements must be satisfied. For instance, VSR needs an AMD or Nvidia dedicated graphics card (RTX 20-series and newer) (RX 5700 and newer).

Microsoft has said it will soon make an upgrade available that allows for automatic switching between iGPU and dGPU. Also, the feature is inaccessible when your laptop is unplugged or when watching DRM-protected media.

Since AI closely resembles Nvidia’s own endeavour, known as RTX Video Super Resolution, it looks that AI is the future of video upscaling in general. A statement given to PC Gamer claims that this function enables upscaling video to resolutions higher than 1080p, supporting native resolutions between 360p and 1440p and video with a frame rate of up to 144Hz.
Its compatibility with Chrome and Edge browsers ensures that Chrome users are not ignored, which is an advantage. This feature, however, only works with RTX GPUs from the 3000- or 4000-series, although it allows upscaling of films to 4K resolution in exchange.

We’ll have to wait and see if other browsers like Safari, Opera, or Firefox will follow suit in the near future.

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