Mehran University Jamshoro’s IT Official Accused of Harassing Female Students

In a recent development, a case of purported harassment of female students has emerged at the Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro. The university administration has responded swiftly by suspending an assistant from the IT department who is facing grave allegations of harassing female students.

This incident gained public attention when a group of female students filed a formal written complaint against the accused official, citing abuse of power and harassment. To address the matter promptly and impartially, the University Vice-Chancellor (VC), Dr. Taha Hussain, has established a dedicated three-member committee with the responsibility of investigating the issue and preparing a comprehensive report.


The investigative committee, led by Prof. Dr. Mukhtiar Ali Unar and consisting of Arshad Memon and Dr. Uzmi, has promptly commenced its inquiry. The committee members have been diligently documenting the statements of the complainants and collecting essential evidence. It should be emphasized that the accused official has not yet provided his statement, which will also be factored into the ongoing investigation.

University authorities have affirmed their commitment to conducting a comprehensive and unbiased inquiry into this sensitive issue. This includes recording the statement of the suspended assistant to ensure that justice prevails.

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