Meezan Bank Offering Exclusive Umrah Package On Easy Monthly Installments

Labbik Travel Assan, in partnership with Meezan Bank, is excited to offer an impressive opportunity for Muslims seeking to take the ship on the scary journey of Umrah in November 2023. we have an exclusive group of Umrah packages that ensure the ideal and Spiritually beneficial pilgrimage experience.

Our offering apart some sets is this flexibility it affords you terms of payments. so, you can choose to pay for your Umrah package in advance by cash and opt for the convenience of easy monthly installments. Meezan Bank has been taking only financial institutions with no profit charges on Umrah financing. you making this journey gratefully reachable to a range of individuals.

As per any offer, certain terms and conditions on to be applied to the smooth collaboration of your Umrah religious journey. this condition is important for reviews it will be made available to you upon this inquiry or application, to helpfully understand the details of offers. we are responsible for providing ethical services and being transparent with our customers.

Meezan Bank looks forward to helping you satisfy your sacred while providing financial solutions that your provision needs. Meezan Bank understands the profound implications of your Umrah journey and an dedicated to making it reachable and affordable. join us on this religious journey with the Meezan Bank Labbiak package and experience a transmuting Umrah journey in November 2023.

Meezan Bank Labbik Package Includes:

The Labbik Umrah package encompasses essential elements for the Umrah journey E-VISA is most relevant for a hassle-free entry process. This package includes flight tickets for your convenience, ziarat assistance for meaningful visits, and living quarters at well-appointed hotels, it also covers transportation enhancing your movement within sacred locations, all plans to enhance your Umrah journey experience

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