Margalla Hills National Park is at Peril as a Result of CDA’s Plan to Build New Road

The municipal organisation is thinking about building a 5-kilometer road from a well-known restaurant to Bari Imam. According to a media report, the said road’s construction might harm Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP).

The Planning and Engineering Wings of the civic organisation will examine the proposal and advise the appropriate authorities. The Engineering Wing will get Project-Concept (PC-1) ready for the CDA Development Working Party’s (DWP) approval if the proposal is approved.

This development also gives rise to environmental concerns as the national park’s natural environment stands to be threatened by human interventions in its green areas, including road construction and increased traffic.

Roads, roadways, and housing societies have been constructed in the Margalla hills to accommodate the expanding population of the capital city. Recreational users destroy wildlife and desecrate the national park. The environment is being destroyed by vehicle pollution.

The national park has over 100 locations that were being occupied unlawfully, according to the administration. This subject has been promoted at all official forums by the ministry of climate change.

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