In order to produce electric aircraft and passenger drones, commonly known as air taxis, in Abu Dhabi, a business from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has teamed up with a Chinese manufacturer.

The first facility in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area to produce and use environmentally friendly aircraft and drones for both passengers and freight will be built by Monarch Holding and EHang Holdings.

The partnership backs Abu Dhabi’s Industrial Strategy, which aims to apply cutting-edge technologies, green regulations, and circular economy frameworks to create a smart and sustainable economy.

The creation of electric aircraft and drones, the establishment of a command and control facility to oversee urban air transportation, the construction of vertiport infrastructure, and the establishment of facilities to operate these aircraft are just a few of the objectives that will be accomplished thanks to this collaboration. Emiratis will be provided opportunities for training and certification as part of this cooperation.

Rashed Abdulkarim Al Blooshi, the Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, claims that the emirate is giving priority to knowledge-based, innovation-driven economic sectors.

He continued by saying that their industrial strategy, which emphasises the utilisation of techniques and technologies like Industry 4.0, the circular economy, talent development, ecosystem enablement, and value chain growth, will be crucial in attaining their goals.

Describe Industry 4.0.
The use of new technologies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors is known as industry 4.0, also referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. To increase production’s efficiency and adaptability, it makes use of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and big data.




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