Indian media commented on a situation in Tamil Nadu where a person found one missing biscuit from a packet of ‘Sun Feast Marie Light’ biscuits manufactured by the famous company ITC Foods Limited.

The guy, who got deceived, submitted a lawsuit and demanded INR 1 crore in reparations. They stated that as a result, the business generated illegal profits, and their brand was affected.

The court took the matter carefully and approached ITC Foods Limited personnel to get answers as to why only fifteen biscuits, instead of the displayed 16, were put in the packet. This might seem insignificant, but when it occurs in many packets, the sum of them might be huge.

The party making the complaint, P Dillibabu from Chennai, bought two dozen packs of such
biscuit in the month of December 2021 for feeding homeless animals.

He reached the shop for a reason when he discovered that every single packet lacked one biscuit, but they weren’t able to offer him an adequate response. He didn’t receive an adequate justification for the missed biscuit, not even after he approached ITC.

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Every biscuit is priced at 75 paise, in accordance with Dillibabu’s complaint, all of and because ITC  manufactures around 50 lakh packs per day, it looks like the business may be intentionally overcharging its customers by significant amounts each day.

Managers of ITC Foods Ltd stated that it might have been a mistaken error that the biscuits were packaged by weight instead of counting. The judge nevertheless, dismissed this defense.

In the end, the court of appeals agreed with the complainant’s side and ordered that the company pay the customer INR 1 lakh in damages as well as INR 10,000 to pay for legal costs.

ITC Foods Limited was thus made to pay an important amount of money as a result of a single missed biscuit in a packet. The person complaining stated, “I actually demanded for one crore as losses, but I’m happy about the court’s determination.”

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