Man has a panic attack when an airline loses his four dogs

After several hours of uncertainty, the passenger learned that his pets had been found at a Swiss airport where the tourist had stopped.

Social Cohesion

The video, which was captured by a witness, quickly went viral, and comments in support of the man poured in. “Only those of us who love our four-legged companions understand what it’s like,” ‘I don’t wish anyone the panic attack you’re having. I hope you find them”, “You will never understand this type of video until you have experienced the joy of feeling that love”, “I almost cried, I understand your desperation, I hope it helps airlines provide better service and pay more attention”.

Many similar cases have been reported

Because incidents of this nature are becoming more common, the incident has sparked a debate among users. Many people have reported losing their pets, while others have reported finding them dead after being crushed by luggage. As a result, several messages have emphasised the importance of changing airline policies to allow pets to travel in the cabin with their owners.

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