On social media, an awful video exposing harassment and assault received a lot of interest. Yesterday, an incident occurred near Karachi.

Using abusive language before shooting a straight shot at an entrance gate operator was captured on camera by a middle-aged guy drove a black Toyota Mark X with the registration code BAZ-505 (Sindh Number).

The attack took yesterday, and a criminal complaint was brought over the person, who attacked him, claimed SSP Kemari Arif Aslam Rao.

Peshawar BRT Incident

The Peshawar police arrested a top Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officer for killing and bruising a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) security guard. The incident occurred when the official rushed across the blocked BRT route.

Arbab Faisal, an experienced joint director at CAA who is now working in Islamabad, was said to be riding her black Mercedes-Benz E-Class through the BRT line.
As BRT security officers attempted to stop him the CAA staff fired shots, hurting one of them. Faisal initially managed to get away, but he was eventually captured in the Regi district on the exterior of Peshawar.

Selfless Locals Rescue Missing Foreign Paraglider in Hunza

At the East police headquarters, a complaint has been filed against him using section 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). On Wednesday afternoon, the CAA member walked up in front of the court of judicial magistrate Dolat Khan. The court intended to order physical custody. However, it decided to hold him in court custody for fourteen days at the central jail.

On social media, commentators believe that comparable situations are become common in Karachi.

During daylight, people often threaten others by flashing guns. People on social media shared their concern and requested fast assistance from police.

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