Man carries 50 kg for 10 miles in order to win a bet.

On Sunday, a young man in Shakargarh performed an amazing accomplishment by walking 10 kilometres while carrying a 50 kilogramme weight.

The man’s coworkers challenged him to do this challenging task. He agreed to the challenge and started his walk after fasting, carrying a 50-kg sack of potatoes on his head.

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Many locals noticed the young man’s courage and tenacity and followed him to lend their support. Under challenging circumstances, the man completed his journey without stopping and was greeted joyfully and enthusiastically by the cheering audience when he arrived in Shakargarh.

The young man was given a sack of potatoes and a monetary reward of Rs. 20,000 by his coworkers in appreciation of his outstanding accomplishment.

Please note that the photo is merely being used as an example.

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