MAJU Systems Limited Establish an agreement for student training and development.

For the purpose of student development and training, Systems Limited and Muhammed Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The MoU was signed in the presence of Naureen Anwar, SVP/Head of Special Projects at Systems Limited, Maryam Bashir, AVP People Excellence at Systems Limited, Yasir Abbas Merchant, Asst. Manager RDI & Academia Linkages at Systems Limited, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khalique ur Rehman Raazi, Associate Dean of Computer Science at MAJU, Nauman Hafeez Ansari, Director of IT at MAJ

The collaboration intends to bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing tech-market experience to the students throughout their degree program at MAJU.

The idea is to work on curriculum advancement through cooperative efforts of university professors and Systems experts, considering current market trends and future industry demands. This collaboration shall also provide a platform to advance projects focused on new & emerging technologies.

Naureen Anwar, SVP – Special Projects at Systems Limited, said, “This MOU between Systems Limited and Muhammad Ali Jinnah University will help in bridging the gap between industry and academia in order to strengthen Pakistan’s software innovation capacity.”

“With the assistance of Systems’ experts, this relationship will give students and professors numerous chances to maximise industry- and market-specific learning and development. To face upcoming difficulties and succeed in the most innovative sector, it will aid in exploring numerous channels of partnership, she noted.

Dr. Khalique ur Rehman Raazi, Dean CS, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, remarked, “The industry-academia gap can be closed via collaboration and mutual understanding. This Memorandum of Understanding between Muhammed Ali Jinnah University and Systems Limited is a positive start in developing a trained

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