Major Vulnerability Warning for Apple Devices from NTISB

Apple consumers are urged to upgrade their devices as soon as possible in order to fix serious vulnerabilities, according to a cyber security advice from the National Telecommunication and Information Security Board (NTISB).

Apple recently published security fixes, according to NTISB, to address zero-day vulnerabilities through which threat actors could get unauthorised access to victims’ devices.

CVE-2023-23529, CVE-2023-23514, and CVE-2023522 are vulnerabilities that affect iOS, MacOS Ventura, iPad, and Safari software.

Users have been urged by the NTISB to update their devices to the most recent versions, which include iOS version 16.3.1, MacOS Ventura version 13.2.1, iPad version 16.3.1, and Safari products version 16.3.1.

The Secretary to the Prime Minister, Secretary to the President, Secretary of the Cabinet Division, all Secretaries of Ministries and Divisions of the Federal Government, and Chief Secretaries of Provincial Governments have all received copies of the advisory from the NTISB.

The NTISB has requested that department heads alert all concerned organisations, as well as all associated departments, and take any required precautions.

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