Leopard Lawsuit in Islamabad Makes a Startling U-Turn

On Tuesday, members of a parliamentary committee were given an update on the leopard issue, which had alarmed residents of DHA 2, one of Islamabad’s priciest housing complexes.

According to Vaqar Zakaria, a member of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), the leopard was in fact a wild animal and most likely came from the woodland area behind Sihala, where prior sightings had been reported.

Vaqar went on to say that the IWMB was in consultation with international specialists about the best strategy for securely reintroducing the leopard to its natural habitat.

The recent leopard sighting in a residential neighbourhood, budget suggestions for the Public Sector Development Fund (PSDP), and the Pakistan Environment Protection (Amendment) Bill, 2023 are just a few of the topics being discussed at the time of this post.

Previously, the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police had registered a case against an ‘unknown individual’ for allegedly keeping a leopard captive in the residential area of DHA 2.

In an official statement, ICT Police stated an attack by a leopard on citizens occurred in the DHA Phase II area that falls under the jurisdiction of Police Station Sihala and added that the animal was being kept as a pet by an unidentified person.

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