Lahore would be the first city in Asia to have environmentally friendly roads.

LAHORE: According to The News, Punjab’s provincial capital Lahore would be the first city in Asia and Pakistan to implement environmentally friendly highways when the “Blue Road” idea is introduced.

The project is being worked on by the Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), also known as the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA).

According to officials, the idea intended to upgrade the city’s infrastructure and enhance the standard of living for its citizens.

Incorporating energy-saving features and heat observation, Blue Roads are intended to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional asphalt roads. This will help to reduce pollution and foster a healthier environment.

The use of a specific coating on these cutting-edge roadways reduces the amount of heat that the road surface absorbs from the sun. Additionally, the reflective coating increases nighttime driver visibility, enhancing traffic safety.

On the advice of acting Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, officials told the publication that CBD Punjab CEO Imran Amin had directed the timely execution of the project.

Imran Amin stated his opinions by saying, “We are pleased to launch the Blue Road concept in Pakistan, which has previously been successfully implemented in a number of European and Middle Eastern nations, such as the Netherlands, France, and Qatar.

According to Amin, his organisation is dedicated to completing initiatives that raise the living conditions for its citizens.

The authority was launching a number of projects to upgrade the city’s infrastructure and enhance the quality of life for its residents, including the adoption of the Blue Road idea.





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