Lahore will launch an anti-parking encroachment operation.

Following the Eid holiday, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) will undertake a large operation to clear encroachments in front of commercial buildings, allowing for suitable parking.

Caretaker Minister for Housing and Urban Development Barrister Azfar Ali Nasir and Commissioner and Director General Lahore Development Authority Muhammad Ali Randhawa announced the decision at a news conference at the commissioner’s office on Monday.

According to the commissioner, the operation would target violators who have converted parking spaces into businesses and showrooms. According to the minister, a comprehensive action plan has been developed to implement Lahore High Court directives. Shops and showrooms that fail to comply will be closed down.

The commissioner cautioned that the businesses would only be opened if the penalty charge was paid and the concerned traders’ association provided assurance that allotted parking spaces were actually used. This operation has also been approved by Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi.

To guarantee a smooth flow of traffic throughout the Eid Holidays, the department has asked citizens to follow traffic rules and cooperate with authorities.


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