Lahore police detain students after they block a major road and fire shots

According to reports, a group of pupils from a private school in Lahore’s Gulberg district blocked a main roadway and opened fire into the air, causing mayhem.

The four suspects’ four drivers were swiftly taken into custody by the police, who were commanded by Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Gulberg. The accused students are accused of obstructing traffic and firing carelessly.

The Model Town Superintendent of Police (SP), Amara Shirazi, has issued a warning that anyone who violates the law will suffer serious repercussions.

Officials in the area are quite worried about the predicament. The students’ reckless actions not only caused traffic delays but also endangered the lives of drivers and pedestrians.

According to the police, measures would be made to stop similar incidents from happening again. The kids must be aware that they are subject to the law and that they must behave properly.

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