Lahore declares early school and college closures

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) demonstration is set to take place today, and the district civil administration of Lahore has issued an order demanding the early closure of all institutions and colleges located along the rally route.

The instruction ordering the closing of educational institutions at 12 PM was issued on Sunday by Commissioner of Lahore, Muhammad Ali Randhawa.

An election rally will be held, as PTI had previously announced, from Zaman Park to Data Darbar. The administration has also given notice of the closure of businesses along Circular Road in addition to the closure of educational institutions.

Prior to that, the Lahore government had declared March 11 to be a holiday in honour of the urs of well-known Sufi saint Madhu Lal Hussain.

In this regard, on March 11, the Punjab Home Department issued a notification designating that day as a public holiday for the whole Lahore District.

The poet and Sufi saint Madhu Lal Hussain lived in Lahore, which is now in modern-day Pakistan, in the sixteenth century. Both Muslims and Hindus in the area revere him because he is widely considered as a symbol of love and religious tolerance.

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