Kia raises prices for all vehicles except for its top-selling model.

With the exception of Sportage, all Kia vehicles have seen price increases from Lucky Motor Company Limited (LMCL). The corporation hasn’t given a particular justification for the price increase. Even if it is currently trading at Rs. 261, the US Dollar is presently largely constant, suggesting that currency volatility isn’t the cause of the increase.

Effective immediately, the new prices are as follows:

Model Old Price (Rs.) Revised Price (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
Picanto Manual 3,228,000 3,300,000 72,000
Picanto Automatic 3,430,000 3,550,000 120,000
Stonic EX 4,842,000 4,900,000 58,000
Stonic EX+ 5,295,000 5,400,000 105,000
Sorento FWD 8,472,000 9,000,000 528,000
Sorento AWD 9,178,000 9,800,000 622,000
Sorento V6 9,178,000 9,800,000 622,000
Grand Carnival 15,129,000 15,650,000 521,000

Kia raised the Sportage’s price by up to Rs. 239,000 last week. Its price increase’s cause was also a mystery.

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The demand for new automobiles has decreased as a result of a large increase in car prices since the year 2023 began. A decrease in output has also led to a drop in auto sales.

Despite this, Kia has seen a minor uptick in sales, with the Sportage being the brand’s best-selling vehicle. The Sportage was Kia’s best-selling vehicle in its lineup, with 346 units sold, according to a recent update from the frequently trustworthy While the sales trend will probably continue to be erratic due to the persistent economic problems.

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