Japanese AI Manga: Fostering Creativity or Endangering Jobs?

Sci-fi manga, which has gained popularity in Japan, acknowledges having “absolutely zero” skill for drawing, therefore it used artificial intelligence to produce the dystopian story.

Midjourney created the elaborate renderings of all the future machinery and animals in “Cyberpunk” Peach John. a well-liked AI technology that has shocked the art industry and became a margin. Moreover, with additional tools such Dall E-2 and Stable Diffusion.

It is important to note that comic books and graphic novels often referred to as manga were created and first published in Japan.

After the invention, it has been questioned whether technology poses a threat to copyright and the nation’s multi-billion dollar economy. the comic book industry, as it is the country’s first manga entirely created by AI.

The author, who goes by the pen name Rootport, claims that it would have taken a professional artist a year to finish a manga that was over 100 pages long.

Additionally, he added, “That was a great process. The 37-year-old reported to the news that it made her think of playing the lotto.

Text prompts like “pink hair, Asian lad, and stadium jacket” were entered by Rootport, a writer who had previously worked on a manga narrative.

In order to publish the book, he later lay up the best frames in comic book format. Before the work was published on March 9 by Shinchosha, a sizable publishing business, it generated excitement online.

This, in the opinion of Rootport, gave a great deal of joy and a sense of accomplishment. When the image produced by his writing instructions matched his exact vision.

But, I doubt that it compares to the delight that comes from creating something entirely from scratch by hand.

Similar to this, other AI image-to-text converters are amazing, magnificent, and occasionally yield unsettling inventions.

The London-based startups that were the driving force behind reliable Diffusion, however, also encountered legal issues while using the technologies.

Yet, some Japanese lawmakers questioned the rights of artists. According to experts, copyright violations are unlikely if AI art uses straightforward text cues and little human inventiveness.

While a lot of people believed that technology will eventually replace humanity. The young manga artist who meticulously completes the background pictures for each scene was singled out in particular.

For instance, in January, Netflix published a Japanese animated story with AI-generated backgrounds. It was also argued against using animators who are people.

Professor Satoshi Kurigara of Keio University asserted that there is a chance that artificial intelligence will eventually replace manga artists’ assistants.

Humans Still Reign
Some manga artists enthusiastically embraced the new technology.

“AI doesn’t pose a threat to me. Instead, I believe it may be a wonderful companion,” stated artist Madoka Kobayashi.

She added, “AI can help me envision what I have in my mind and provide rough concepts, which I then challenge myself to better.

The author, who mentors prospective manga artists at a Tokyo academy, contends that narratives are just as important to comics as aesthetics.

I am confident that people still rule in this way.

Humans Still Reign

Some manga artists enthusiastically embraced the new technology.

Kobayashi, meanwhile, employs figures at the Tokyo Design Academy to help students draw more accurately with pencil, detailing every last detail down to the muscles.

Student Ginjiro Uchida, 18, claims that although AI is fantastic, he prefers human drawings because they are “messier” because they are more appealing.

Unfortunately, Rootport is unsure whether AI-drawn manga will ever become widely popular because real artists are better at exactly tailoring their illustrations to the situation.

Yet, “I also don’t imagine manga wholly unsupported by AI will remain dominating forever,” the author continued.

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