Jaffarabad PTA to Perform Quality of Service Survey

In response to complaints about the area’s subpar internet service, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to undertake a Quality of Service survey in Dera Allah Yar, Jaffarabad (Balochistan).

The chairman of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications expressed dissatisfaction with the level of service in his neighbourhood and requested that the optical fibre in his district be replaced.

The local telecom regulator has also requested Telenor to enhance the service.

In response to the standing committee’s inquiry over Jaffarabad’s subpar Internet service, the PTA has provided a response.
According to PTA, licensees were notified about optical fibre cuts and damages in District Jaffarabad and its surrounding districts, as well as Naseerabad, Suhbatpur, and Usta Muhammad. The licensees have confirmed that there aren’t any cuts or damages to optical fibres at the moment in the mentioned area. PTA continued, “All links are operating without any issues. There were some reported cuts during the flood last year, which were rectified.

According to PTA, the authority called Mir Muhammad Khan Jamali, the head of the standing committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication, to learn more about the specific issue in the region.

Telenor services in Dera Allah Yar, Jaffarabad (Balochistan), the home of the standing committee on information technology and telecommunications’s chairman, are suffering poor internat service.
The Authority will undertake a survey to improve the service, the PTA has notified the NA committee. The authority has currently urged Telenor to enhance the NOC service as much as possible. The authority, according to PTA, carries out quarterly Quality of Service surveys and routinely posts reports on its website.

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