IT Pro Sells House, Car to Work for Amazon in Europe: I was fired

One of the biggest tech corporations in the world is Amazon. There have been numerous internal layoffs in the start of 2023. Nearly 18,000 employees were let go by Amazon at the start of the year.

In addition, LinkedIn is flooded with job seekers as many businesses are terminating their personnel. A post about an IT professional who gave up all of his possessions and assets to relocate to Europe caught our interest. Unfortunately, he was dismissed 4 days before starting.

An IT specialist from Kenya named Tom Mboya Opio suffered as a result of this layoff. For tech professionals, the year 2023 got off to a poor start. A total of 91 businesses fired about 24,000 workers.

To work for Amazon in Europe, Tom Opio had to sell his house and car. He shared his tale with the world in an effort to warn those considering moving abroad.

Opio claims that he obtained employment with Amazon and sold his home and vehicle in order to relocate to Europe, only to learn that he was no longer employed by the company four days prior to the move. Tom Opio is one of the individuals who Amazon’s choice to fire affected.

Opio expressed his opinions on LinkedIn via writing.


“Well, I mentioned my upcoming exciting relocation abroad last week. With a top-tier international corporation, it was a relocation position to Europe. Sadly, it didn’t work out since the organization’s “annual operating review” resulted in business changes that affected the function and many others. Information on the organization’s job losses is readily available online.

Additionally, he added, “the call came four days to the date we were to leave so that I could begin work on Monday, i.e., the 16th of January, and we were to go this weekend.”

Furthermore, he added that “after planning for the transfer for six months, he and his family are sincerely devastated and believe that God will have a better plan for them.”

Words To Bear In Mind


Opio advises considering two things before moving abroad for job.

Never consider bringing your family along at first. You go there first, settle in, and then dial your relatives. Another crucial step is to postpone your resignation until you receive your visa.

The duration of the visa application process, according to Opio, was five months. Verification of family documents, police clearance, new passports, and work permits for the EU were all included in it.

Finally, don’t place all of your faith in one thing.

I didn’t anticipate being in this kind of scenario at this point in my career, but that’s what life is about, he continued. To serve as an example to others, some people must go through particular circumstances. Keep us in your prayers; remember that God is faithful.


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