Islamabad’s Easiest Traffic Challan Payment Method

Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) has become hyperactive in issuing challans to traffic rule violators.

Twin city residents are questioning the payment process due to the rapid increase in fines and strong enforcement of restrictions.

Fortunately, payment is easy. ICTP e-tickets list several ways to pay fines. Pay the challan by:

JS Bank J-Cash Franchises/Agents/Wallets
J-Mobile Franchises or Agent Mobilink Microfinance Bank or JazzCash National Bank Branches
JazzCash makes paying the ICTP challan easiest. The process:

Step One: Download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store and register your mobile number for JazzCash.
Step Two: Add money to JazzCash. No money, no fine!
Step Three: Scroll down to find “Traffic Challan” on the main menu.
Step Four: Select the option and enter your PSID (Payment Slip ID) or challan number from the top-left corner of the ticket.
Step Five: The app will display the details and let you pay immediately. Enter the challan to pay.

After paying the fine, check your challan payment status on the ICTP website. The challan will be “Paid” if the transaction succeeds.

ICTP has increased penalties for overspeeding, irresponsible driving, red light running, incorrect parking, driving the wrong way, and other offences. Even though fines are low and payment options are simple, be vigilant.

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