Islamabad’s 23 March Parade has been postponed because of the weather

The Pakistan Day military parade that was supposed to take place on March 23 was postponed earlier today due to bad weather.

The parade honours the 1940 Lahore Resolution, which demanded the establishment of an independent nation for the Muslims living in British-ruled India.
The parade, which was originally slated to occur at the President House, has been postponed until March 25. This postponement is the result of the city’s ongoing rain, which prevents the procession from going on as planned.

As part of the government’s austerity efforts, the Pakistan Army had previously decided to hold the annual parade of the armed forces on a smaller scale this year. This choice was made in an effort to lessen the impact of the nation’s present economic crisis.

The Pakistani Army is steadfastly united with the populace and continues to be committed to working for the country’s progress. The government is adamant about taking all necessary steps to guarantee the nation’s economic prosperity and has been striving to restart the delayed IMF loan programme.

The parade’s postponement is viewed as a small setback. The military’s spirit is unwavering, and they will continue to celebrate the nation’s freedom with pride.

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