Islamabad Gets First Smart Town in Asia-Pacific

The Smart Village Initiative was officially launched by Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication (ITT), Syed Amin-ul-Haq, as the first step towards offering digital amenities for health and education in the village of Gokina outside of Islamabad.

According to Aminul Haque, the project partners include Universal Service Fund, International Telecom Union, Huawei Pakistan, TeleTaleem, and Sehat Kahani.

This is a pilot project, and the Minister promised that similar Smart Village initiatives will soon be introduced in all four provinces.

Our goal, he continued, is to link rural residents to the online world. Digital schools were launched in Karachi and Hyderabad a few weeks ago through the TeleSchool Foundation. Daily activities including health, education, and agriculture have gone digital in many nations, he pointed out.

According to the minister, Gokina Smart Village’s foundation is being laid today as part of efforts to spread smart villages throughout Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and other Pakistani cities. The emphasis is on enhancing connectivity in rural and isolated areas because it is where they place connectivity as their top priority.

The smart village project, which is a part of this effort, intends to highlight the potential of gifted and driven young people while also resolving local residents’ common problems.

According to the Minister, the goal of the project is to close the gap between rural and urban communities by giving people access to resources and technology.

Haris Chaudhry, the CEO of USF, also spoke to the media about the project. The USF is aiming to bring internet connectivity to rural and underdeveloped areas, including highways and small towns, he said. For the first time, the USF and the private sector are working together to develop a smart village.

The first nation in the Asia-Pacific to construct a smart village that will include digital services in its infrastructure is Pakistan. Human progress and development are closely related to the digitalization process.

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