Is Waqar Zaka to blame for encouraging young people to lose millions of dollars in the Bitcoin crash?

Several people looking to earn a quick buck invested their entire life savings in buying Bitcoin and pledged their allegiance to the advice of the KPK government-approved cryptocurrency expert while also paying $10 to join his group for the purportedly “trading signals.” Waqar Zaka, however, ridiculed investors who were on the verge of bankruptcy owing to their severe losses shortly after Bitcoin plunged to its lowest value in years for “not having a similar bank balance as him.”

Waqar Zaka.

At this stage , I’m not in a position to question

till I reach to his level of bank balance & match his level of contribution for humanity , so before u try to question Waqar Zaka , check ur bank balance –

In other words, you have to keep quiet until you can match his financial standing unless you have a sizable bank account. It raises questions regarding the obvious hypocrisy: Regardless of their socioeconomic situation, he accepted millions from thousands of group members—52,800 to be exact—and they have no right to question him now that the chips are down if they come from lower- and middle-class backgrounds.

Bitcoin sank another 13% on Sunday, falling to roughly $31,227, continuing a huge sell-off in the cryptocurrency markets that started a week ago. On Wednesday, it fell 30% to almost $30,000 at one point. The biggest cryptocurrency in the world lost more than 50% due to the most recent bearish trend.


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