Is This Unusual Hybrid Solar Eclipse Seen in Pakistan?

A rare hybrid solar eclipse, the first of the year, will take place on April 20 in a widely awaited celestial event.

Pakistan will not be able to watch this amazing cosmic phenomenon, but viewers in some portions of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, East Timor, Western Australia, and eastern Indonesia should be able to.

There aren’t many hybrid solar eclipses, and this one is no exception. Because they are so rare, astronomy aficionados are sure to remember this one for years to come.

The solar eclipse will last five hours and twenty-four minutes in total, according to reports, giving you plenty of time to catch a glimpse of the moon’s shadow as it crosses the sun.

A change from a total to an annular eclipse will occur throughout the event, causing some regions to see the moon fully block the sun while others view a ring of light around the shadow’s perimeter.

While observers in Pakistan and India won’t be able to watch even a partial hybrid solar eclipse, the eclipse is predicted to be a stunning spectacle. Nonetheless, this incredible spectacle will undoubtedly inspire awe and surprise in many people across the globe.

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