Iran is a top-ten contender for a future technological superpower.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ranked higher than Japan among the top ten science and technology giants, according to reports from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

In six forty-four of the technologies tracked by ASPI’s new Critical Technology Tracker, Iran is ranked among the top five countries. In predicting the top ten future world powers, the nation is currently ranked ninth.

The nation outscored Japan, Italy, and the UK and came in fourth place, behind China and the United States. When advanced aircraft engines, particularly hypersonic ones, were studied, publications and citations, including the Hirsch Index, were also looked at.

According to ASPI news, Iran is also one of the top four nations for developing intelligent materials and biofuels, which will lead to a significant advancement in science and technology.

Additionally, 2% of all articles worldwide come from Iran, which is rated seventh in the world for papers on synthetic biology.

In addition to the regular battle between China and the US, Iran’s outstanding performance in AI technology has become quickly apparent. Everyone is taken aback by Iran’s climb to prominence in hardware accelerator research.

Iran has always been regarded as one of the top nations in the world for developing innovative goods and technologies.

In contrast, the Critical Technology Tracker has focused on the crucial performance indicators of scientific and technological capabilities among the nations that have a competitive edge in this measure across the 44 technologies, going beyond fundamental research.

As of right now, ASPI is focusing on a wide range of essential technological sectors, including those in the realms of defence, space, robotics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and crucial quantum technology.

The UK and India are vying with each other to become the next major technological powerhouse, according to ASPI, and both nations rank among the top five nations in 29 of the 44 categories.

Germany and South Korea follow closely, ranking in the top 5 nations for 20 and 17 technologies, respectively.

Australia is also ranked in the top five for nine technologies, closely followed by Italy, Japan, Iran, and Canada, according to the ASPI survey.

Other nations, such as Turkey and Spain, frequently rank in the top ten but aren’t among the top five.
Iran is always making an effort to advance its technological sectors. The government is making significant investments in the creation of technologically advanced goods.

To raise the efficiency and standing of its technological division, the nation is also making significant progress in the artificial intelligence field.

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