India’s Tata Group will take over Apple’s production facility for the iPhone 15

After completing the acquisition of Wistron’s iPhone plant in Bengaluru, Tata Group will probably start producing the iPhone 15.
The Bengaluru iPhone factory of Wistron is about to be fully acquired by Indian giant Tata. Once completed, this takeover will establish India’s first in-country Apple product assembly line.

Reports and experts believe that Apple may now decide to produce its new iPhone in India as word of Tata’s acquisition of the Wistron iPhone plant spreads. Although India has only produced less than 2% of the last two iPhones, rising tensions between the US and China may enable India to entirely overtake China in the iPhone manufacturing market.

The factory was acquired by the Tata Group for INR 5000 crores, and they will begin operating in April. According to reports, Tata has already begun to develop certain organisational adjustments and plans for the Apple production facility.

Bengaluru, which is regarded as India’s IT centre, is home to this Wistro iPhone plant, making it a desirable location for Apple. There is a greater chance that this facility will build the iPhone 15 because it has previously produced the iPhone 12 and iPhone 14.

Currently, Wistron, Pegatron, and Foxconn are all Apple manufacturers with operations in India; however, Wistron wants to depart the nation after Tata acquires the company.

According to rumours, Tata is presently seeking employees for the iPhone plant and will terminate many of the current employees once the takeover process is complete.



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