Inauguration of an Initiative in Balochistan to Include Women in the Digital Economy

This project, which was started on International Women’s Day, intends to give Balochistani women computer literacy, financial independence, and economic empowerment.
A new programme targeted at boosting women’s engagement in the digital economy will shortly be launched by the Balochistani government, according to the Parliamentary Secretary of Law, Science, and Information Technology, Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi.

The program’s purpose is made abundantly clear by its name, “Inclusion of Women in the Digital Economy,” which was provided by Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi.

This programme was among the women’s technological empowerment initiatives introduced throughout the nation on March 8 in honour of International Women’s Day.

Dr. Beludi stated that this program will help the women of Balochistan to be more computer literate, which will further allow them to be financially independent.

Going into details about the program, Dr. Beludi said that women’s exposure to digitization is severely important since it would finish off the gender gap in the IT industry while also pushing economic growth in the province of Balochistan.

Empowering the women of Balochistan, this project can prove to be a great change for the women’s life in the province since it will bring about a more equal society.

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