In Pakistan, this Unusual Five Planet Alignment Can Be Seen.

An celestial event will attract sky-watchers all across the world, including Pakistan, towards the end of this month. On March 27 and 28, you can see Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars all at once at night (Monday and Tuesday).

According to experts, the constellations will appear in a section of the sky adjacent to the waxing moon. Yet, the location of the observer and the weather both affect how visible the event is. The optimal conditions for seeing Jupiter and Mercury are a clear sky and a clear view of the horizon.

Sky & Telescope senior contributing editor Rick Fienberg advised people to wait until after sunset to go outside and look for the “planetary procession” in the brightest part of the sky. The brightest of the group, Venus, will be higher in the sky and easier to see, whereas Uranus might appear dull and only be visible with binoculars. Near the moon, Mars will be visible.

Anyone in the world can see the planets, however those in the Northern Hemisphere can have a better view. Fienberg asserts that many people do not observe the night sky as carefully as astronomy enthusiasts do. When all of the planets are visible at once, it generates news interest and causes people to pay more attention to the planets.

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