In Pakistan, there are already 124 million 3G/4G users.

According to figures from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the country’s 3G and 4G customers climbed by 1.35 million, from 122.81 million at the end of January 2023 to 124.16 million at the end of February.

During the same time period, Pakistan’s cellular subscriber base climbed from 192.78 million to 193.85 million. The number of subscribers to the Next Generation Mobile Service (NGMS) increased from 54.91 million to 55.42 million every month.

During the month, broadband penetration rose from 56.31 percent to 56.83 percent. The percentage of cells with teledensity increased from 86.16 to 86.53. In the meantime, the overall teledensity rose from 87.36 to 87.69 percent.

By the end of February, Jazz’s total 3G user count dropped by 0.08 million from 4.816 million to 4.736 million. Users of Jazz 4G increased simultaneously from 41.891 million to 42.544 million.

Towards the end of February, Zong’s 3G subscriber base fell from 2.685 million to 2.661 million while its 4G user base rose from 31.728 million to 32.096 million.

While the number of Telenor 4G customers climbed from 22.694 million to 22.932 million, the number of 3G subscribers fell from 3.005 million to 2.980 million.

By the end of February, there were 2.844 million Ufone 3G subscribers, down from 2.878 million at the end of January. The number of 4G users on the network increased by 0.265 million during the period under review, rising from 11.660 million to 11.925 million.

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