In occupied Kashmir, an Indian Army Helicopter crashes.

On Thursday, two people were aboard an Indian Army ALH Dhruv helicopter when it crashed in the Kishtwar area of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

While on a routine mission, the Army Aviation Corps helicopter’s pilots became aware of a technical issue and notified the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). On the banks of the Marua River, they made a precautionary landing, but the rough terrain made it more difficult.

The emergency landing resulted in injuries to the two pilots and a technician on board, but they were swiftly rescued and transported to Command Hospital in Udhampur for medical attention.

A Court of Inquiry (CoI) has been mandated to look into the circumstances leading up to the incident, according to a statement from the Indian Army’s Northern Command HQ.

Rescue efforts were started right away, and the wreckage of the helicopter was located nearby along the banks of a stream.

For the past week, IIOJK has been dealing with severe weather and poor visibility. Helicopters are the primary means of transport and the only supply of food due to the area’s difficult topography.

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