In Islamabad, tenants set the landlord’s wife on fire for requesting rent.

In a horrifying event, a young woman was set on fire after a minor argument in the Mehrabadi neighbourhood under the control of the Golra Police Station.

The incident happened in Sector G-12, a residential neighbourhood that Golra Police Station has lately taken responsibility over.

The man was transported right away to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for treatment after suffering severe burn injuries. She is no longer considered to be in danger, though.
In response to the victim’s complaint, Islamabad Police acted quickly and filed a FIR. The FIR was filed in accordance with sections 336-B, 324, and 34 of the PPC. Three persons have also been detained by the police, including a lady who was allegedly involved in the horrible crime. While two other people, one of whom is a lady, are being sought out at the moment

According to the case’s specifics, the attacker’s family was a tenant in the victim’s home but had been non-paying the rent. One of the tenants refused to pay the rent and humiliated the victim when she tried to collect it.

People in the neighbourhood and volunteers rushed to the help of the injured and put out the fire as a result of the occurrence, which sent shockwaves across the neighbourhood. Three suspects in the attempted murder case have been detained by the police.

This horrifying occurrence emphasises how crucial it is to settle disagreements amicably and avoid using violence. Law enforcement organisations must make sure that those responsible for this horrible conduct are apprehended and harshly punished.


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